01 February 2010

Chapter four and six

Scott McCloud goes into explaining time frames within comics and how sometimes several things may be occurring at once. One panel in a comic may include more than one occurring moment. There is no way of telling how much time has passed within one panel, all we know is that time is passing. When there is no dialogue included in the panel we still know that time is passing. A short pause may be for a few seconds. If the author wanted to make the pause seem longer, then he or she can make different adjustments to the panel. Maybe one scene where there is a pause is larger than normal. A bigger gutter can also cause a sense that a longer period of time has passed. The panels a reader has already read are the past and the panels a reader will soon read can be seen as the future.
The second chapter, chapter six, goes into detail how in human society we separate images and words from one another. Thousands of years ago, pictures and words were the same thing. Some of the earliest words were in fact pictures. Over the years those words and languages have evolved and pictures have been erased from the human language. Both, words and pictures have grown in two different directions. Our written language became more complex and intangible. On the other hand pictures became more specific and less symbolic.
Although, McCloud makes a lot of good points in his argument that comics can be viewed as a higher art form, some may still question his argument. Comics will always be questioned whether they are more than just reading material for the undereducated. When I would first think about comics, the first think that comes to mind are the vibrant characters and story behind the pictures. I never thought that comics could be more complex. McCloud is starting to open my mind to the complexity that can be found in comics.

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  1. This is a very bare bones post, and it's a little short. Be sure to go into greater detail when you summarize such complex ideas.

    But I'm glad you're giving McCloud a chance to win you over :-)