23 February 2010

Controversies over Comics

Inventing Comics: Scott McCloud's Definition of Comics, by Dylan Horrocks was basically an over view of everything McCloud told us in his comics. Horrocks had a few twists and spins to throw in with McCloud's work which possibly added to what we got from Understanding Comics. Horrocks gave more detail to McCloud's writing and added some art work as well as explaining the definition. Horrocks work was pretty much trying to better explain anything and everything that McCloud wrote. Horrocks also discussed the controversies between R. C. Harvey and McCloud in a Comics Journal review.
Well, yes i know, not much of a summary, but i don't really know how to write a summary on something I have already summarized. I found that everything that was discussed in Horrocks writing was the same as McCloud's comic book. I can't say i found it interesting because in several different parts of the article i felt the Horrocks was just repeating himself over and over. I understand that the point of the article was just to clear things up even more but I realty didn't see a need in it. Using different panels for Understanding Comics only made me feel as though Horrock was writing for a person that didn't understand a single thing McCloud wrote. I did however find the controversies interesting. McCloud didn't really seem it back up his theory and it was made obvious by R.C. Harvey. It was as though he just let it fall without a really hard try for backing. It was in no way necessary for Horrocks to try and explain anything once explained by McCloud. Yes, i did find myself interested in a few things he said, it was very few.

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  1. Yup, you definitely missed the boat on this one.