22 February 2010


Dylan Horrocks wrote a long rhetorical essay about Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics summarizing only the main points which had helped him strengthen his thesis. Horrocks provides quotes, pictures and examples to back up his point. Giving the reader a summary of McCloud’s text and why he used the examples he used. Horrocks makes a lot of good points and does mention a lot of important points that McCloud had made. Mentioning each chapter but only the main topics that were in that chapter leaving out any information that was useless or wasn’t as elaborated on as the ones he had mentioned. He also includes footnotes which help the reader gain more information on what was being said. This writing was very long and was written for academic use because it had included a lot of complicated grammar and complex thoughts. Its intended readers are that of an academic one and who had read Scoot McClouds text. In the beginning Horrocks summarizes the book as a whole calling it a polemic (a passionate, strongly worded, and often controversial argument against or, less often, in favor of somebody or something). Even as going as far as calling it a manifesto for some people in the comic’s community. Preaching to the converted is better done when you’re talking rationally and not rhetorically because people understand what the person making an argument is trying to say. Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics is a perfect example because “he’s a man on a mission” (page 1). Covering the entire book and mentioning each chapter’s main points. Horrocks ends the essay with his love of Scott McCloud’s book.

I found this reading interesting and it took me awhile to finish the whole thing but easily kept up with what Horrocks was trying to say because he had included pictures and footnotes. I found it difficult to understand but like any other reading I did my best to understand its purpose. I found it interesting that he called this book the greatest when Horrocks himself didn’t seem to notice that McCloud does contradict himself he however praises it and makes it seem like it is more important to comic lovers. The reading was interesting but took awhile to read, I kept reading it over and over again hoping I got its main points.


  1. Ha ha nice title!!! I have to say that while Horrocks did praise McClouds work it seemed as though he didn't really know what to say so he basically had to reword all of his work. I didnt get the point of even writing the artice. but great post i think you made a few points clear to me that i didnt get when i read it.

  2. Hmm...If you didn't get the point of Horrocks' article, CandanceJ, you need to reread it. Actually, if both of you think Horrocks is praising McCloud throughout the article, you've completely missed the point :-/

    And this summary doesn't really summarize the article--it's just a list of how he structures his article. I suggest reading much more closely, in the future, especially since I gave you guys extra time on this.