24 February 2010

Doomsday of two heros

The first comic created of Superman was awesome. The fact that in the beginning of the story, Superman saves a life while trying to save another. He was able to get a lady pardoned from being killed. Superman was able to see what he did for people without having to expose his true identity from the rest of the world. He uses his gift of powers to save the lives of innocent people and help those who need the help when the law cannot do anything else for themselves. Kant lives his life as a normal person who works for the newspaper company or with the city, he finds out the information about that is going on in the world. Superman stopped bad guys from robbing banks, hurting people, and taking advantage of the less fortunate. The man behind the mask is saving the lives of strangers and protecting the city when police officers could not be everywhere at night.
Batman was an original person amongst the city, he was basically a nobody who hung out with the commissioner. He takes matters into his own hands when Mr. Lambert is murdered and the police think that Lambert’s brother was the person who killed him. The police believe Lambert’s brother murdered him because his hands were all over the knife, his fingers prints were taken and matched. Batman shows up out of the blue just as guys were taking papers that had something to do with the murder of the two partners. Batman stops the bad guys from getting away with murder and finds that people worked together were all involved with the murder of the two partners at the beginning of the story.
I loved both story lines and feel that I can not pick either one. I like Superman because he is out saving the world and helping people, just as batman could do to. Superman has powers in which puts him in front of the line of super heroes. They both are important I think and I like them both because they both have something to offer the world. They have powers in which could only make them unique because they present better options in different situations they are involved in. The stories of Superman and Batman are truly amazing and have an impact on the world and the readers as well because comics would not exist if either one did not exist.

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  1. Great post, Rayna! I agree, it's hard to chose one over the other because they're both so important to our culture :-)