09 February 2010

Final Blog??? I hope

In the last chapter McCloud talks about why comics are important and how media is linked to the way people think and the use of the senses. He mentions that it is sad how it is impossible for people to connect from mind to mind. And that people need mass media to communicate. McCloud said that “understanding comics is serious”. It might not be serious to other people but he conviences that comics are one of the very few forms of mass communication. The final conclusion of this chapter is the little fragments from the previous chapter.
I didn’t like the first two pages. It was talking about people’s inner being and I felt like it had nothing to do with comics. The second page reminded me a lot about Sociology class. But then it started to make sense about how the inner being of a person has to do with comics, media is part of comics. I understood better when McCloud mentions “media convert thoughts into forms that can transverse the physical world and be re-converted by one or more senses back into thoughts”. Basically what he is saying is that whatever we see influences how we think and our inner being. McCloud said something that kind of got to me. He quotes “There’s only one power that can break through the wall which separates all artists from their audience—the power of understanding”. I really think that this quote can be applied to English students and their writing. I think this quote can serve as a type of encouragement. I felt like chapter nine would have been a great introduction because it talks about the content of the book but it does not give too much information.
I can’t say that I like or dislike this book. I feel like I need to read it over to understand it more.

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  1. "Final Blog?"! Haha! Not even close; we're just getting started :-)

    You're post is interesting. In the future, you should reread, because your second paragraph is kind of confusing, at first: "I didn’t like the first two pages...I felt like it had nothing to do with comics." Then you go on to say it does make sense. Just clarify your ideas a little more carefully.

    Still, you observation about how McCloud's book can apply to our class and you as a writer is excellent! I was really hoping someone would make that connection, because it's one of the reasons I've chosen this book for the class. And I definitely agree with; you should "read it over to understand it more" :-)