23 February 2010

In the recent reading the writer talks about McClouds book Understanding Comics. The writer explains that Understanding Comics is probably one of the most important things to ever happen to comics. The writer goes on to tell the reader that McCloud’s work is more of a rational and less rhetorical way of thinking. What the writer means is that McCloud uses his own definitions to establish what he is trying to convince, for example it means that McCloud convinces the reader in his book that what he is saying is true, because he gets to the reader and states something but really doesn’t explain it to well. Then McCloud comes back to what he has said was true and gives examples off of what he has said. McClouds strategy is to convince that comics are more then they appear to be. The writer goes on and analyzes that McCloud uses metaphors to convince the audience. The essay uses pictures, which explains to the reader what it means making it easier to understand. In the essay the writer really likes that McCloud expands the meaning and knowledge of comics.

Overall I thought the essay was good. I thought the author explained very well on what he thought about McCloud. He explained what McClouds mistakes were and what good he did for comics. Though this was only one person explaining on what he thought McClouds work it still opened up my mind and looked at McClouds in a different way.

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