23 February 2010

Long Ass Essay

Horrock gave credit to McCloud for his book Understanding Comics. Horrock mentions that Understanding Comics is the most important book about comics. Horrock points out that McCloud’s work is rational rather than rhetorical. He means that McCloud easily convinces what he is saying is true, especially to those who share common views of comics with him. Horrock also writes that McCloud uses his own definitions to establish what he is trying to convince. McCloud strategy to convince what comic is by separating the form and content of it. Also Horrock analyzed that McCloud uses metaphors to convince the audience. Horrock’s essay even has foot notes, which explained his essay better. In the essay, Horrock praises McCloud for expanding the meaning of knowledge. McCloud uses a man named Will Eisner as a source in his book. He uses what Eisner teaches and put it into his own idea. McCloud uses Eisner to describe sequential art is. Chapter six get brought up in Horrock’s essay. It is about text and images.
This essay was too long. I don’t think I will ever have a problem with reading McCloud’s work ever again. The footnotes in Horrock’s essay really helped. I do believe that Horrock better explained what McCloud was trying to convince. I felt that Horrock summarized everything in McCloud’s book. I think he could have left out the pictures and just referred to the page. It made his work seem too long.

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  1. What's up with the list summary? You don't even broach what the article is about :-/ And you don't have any other thoughts besides, "long ass essay"?

    Hmm...You may want to strap in; this isn't even the longest thing we're going to read this semester.

    And proofread! It's Horrocks!