03 February 2010

Morals Essay

Anthony Ratliff

English 112

January 18, 2010

Who’s responsible for teaching morals?

As a child grows up, I think it should be the responsibility of both the parents and teachers to teach morals. That’s only fair to the child because if that child doesn’t have good parents or their young and dumb then where does he or she learn morals. That’s where teachers come in. I think teachers need to educate children about morals. Of course it’s too hard to teach a kid every moral because it’s too broad, but they need to at least be taught basics.

Morals are a very big and important part of a kid’s life. Usually the ones that didn’t learn morals end up being trouble makers or get locked up. Parents have to be role models for their children and in our generation that’s starting to change. For the last couple of decades everyone has grown up with a mother and a father figure, but with the way things are now days that’s changing for the kids. Majority of kids now days are growing up without that father figure couples are getting divorced, and kids spend up to seven or eight hours at school. So most children growing up in this generation are not learning the morals they need to learn, and since their spending so much time at school and their always with their teacher I think they should learn morals from their teachers. However parents are responsible for educating their children as well. I feel that there are morals you need to learn from your parents instead of your teacher, and when you do learn them I think they need to be reinforced by your teacher.

So when it comes to children growing up in this generation I think that both parents and school teachers are responsible for educating them on morals, but I also think that when it comes to reinforcing morals parents should always be the first ones to teach it, because as a kid your parents are pretty much always your role models. There all you know until you start getting older, so everything they are and everything they’ve become that’s what you want. You want to be just like you mom or dad. The reason you hear some kids saying that there mom or dad is not there role models is because growing up they didn’t have that figure in their life. My father was my role model growing up until I hit a certain age and I wanted to be a professional football player. Then from there my role model was a professional football player. I learned majority of my morals from my parents but I did learn a few from school. Of course it wasn’t the teachers’ responsibility to teach me them but she still did. Now days I think teachers should be responsible for educating their students with valuable morals because some kids are less fortunate when it comes to learning morals from their parents.

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  1. This is really good, Anthony, but this assignment didn't need to be blogged. You could have just turned it in :-)