24 February 2010

Powerless vs. Power Batman is a BAD ASS!!!

Talk about an old school comic, that’s exactly what the Superman comic is. When Superman was a child he came to the planet in a space capsule. When he was growing up, people knew that he wasn’t a human being. He had ridiculous strength and he could fly. After he learns how to control his powers, he decides that he wants to be a protector for the people but without showing his identity. He saves the life of a lady who is going to be killed for doing something that she didn’t do. He is a hero because he stops bad guys from committing crimes, and saves peoples lives. When he’s not doing that, he lives his life like a normal person working for a newspaper company. At his work is where he gets his information on what’s going on in the city.

Batman on the other hand has no powers unless you consider his mind being a power. The skill he does have is fighting. He is a great fighter because he knows what he’s going to do. He uses your weaknesses against you and kicks your ass. He also lives his life normal. Batman just hangs around the commissioner and decides to solve the case himself when Mr. Lambert is murdered. After that he just starts helping people and solving crimes.

I would have to say that Batman is definitely better. The reason why is because if you look at it they do the same thing. They help people and protect them, but Superman has powers to do this. Does Batman? Hell no he doesn’t, he does everything Superman does without powers. So my opinion is there both good hero’s but Batman is just a bad ass!!!!!!!!

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  1. Good post, Anthony, just proofread more closely :-)