23 February 2010

Superman + Batman = Another Blog

Born from another planet, and with the physical structure years beyond ours, a child found its way to Earth in a space capsule. The people of Earth soon discovered the child's extraordinary strength and ability to achieve outstanding tasks. All grown up he decided to commit his powers and life to helping others. This is the beginning of Superman. Superman begins his super hero role by taking a lady to the governer's house. This lady is to be electrocuted for a crime, but Superman has proof of her innocence. After getting shot at by the governer's assistant, Superman finally reaches the governer without a scratch. Superman gives him the proof of innocence and the lady's life is saved. Superman or Clark Kent works at a daily news office and likes a woman named Lois who also works at the office. He asks her out on a date and while dancing they are confronted by a rude guy named Butch. Butch cuts in and tells Clark to go away while he dances with Lois. Clark, who is still trying to conceal his identity of Superman, does not fight back and defend Lois. Lois is frustrated and mad by this and darts out of the restaurant. While she is riding in the taxi, Butch rams the car and abducts Lois. Then out of nowhere Superman grabs the car and shakes the passangers out. He then grabs Butch and hangs him from a power line to teach him a lesson. At the end of the night Superman saves the girl. "Bearing Lois in his arms Superman heads toward the city depositing her upon its outskirts" (Action Comics 10).

At the beginning of the comic two men are in a room conversating. One is commisioner Gordon and the other is Bruce Wayne. After hearing news of a murder commisioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne head straight for the crime scene. After interviewing the son of the murdered father, commisioner Gordon learns of another murder threat. Bruce leaves the scene right after this and tells Gordon that he is going home. What Gordon does not know is that another murder is taking place and Bruce is heading straight to it, but not as himself, but as Batman. He beats up the criminals and takes the piece of paper that was in their possession. After reading this document Batman heads to another location to save another life. A man by the name of Alfred Stryker is behind all of the murders. Killing all his partners will make him the sole owner of their chemical corporation. Batman explains this to the last victim, Rogers, after saving him from his death. While explaining the story Stryker draws a gun to try and kill batman. Batman reacts quickly giving Stryker a good punch to the face, causing Stryker to fall to his death "He's falling right into the acid tank" (Detective Comics 6). When Rogers tries to thank Batman he turns around to find Batman gone. The next day Bruce Wayne visits Commisioner Gordon and hears about the growing rumors and news of the Batman.

I enjoy both super heroes but have to say that batman is better. Yes superman has super human strength and can leap a mile but the special thing I like about the batman is he could be anybody. I am a fan of all the characters in Batman and enjoy the villians as well. But one thing I find very cool is both Batman and Superman have these crazy secret identities. Everyday they collaborate with the news or police and still manage to hide their secrets from the ones who are best at figuring out that kind of stuff. Two kick ass superheroes, everyday right in front of your face.

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  1. Toni, you really need to properly introduce your summaries. It can get a little confusing to finish your Superman summary and then begin the next paragraph "At the beginning of the comic" without mentioning what comic you're talking about.

    Also, you're summaries are a little long for such short comics.

    Lastly, proofread! Superman and Batman are names, just like Toni, and should be capitalized :-)