23 February 2010

Superman.. Earth's Protector!!

Hands down… Superman is the best!! If your only argument is that has not from this planet and he has powers… “O WELL”!! Superman isn’t from Earth but he is the protector of it… he helps people all over… Batman is just in Gotham city (which isn’t in America either… LOL) so you can’t use the fact the superman is from earth. Superman can’t be beaten by Batman or any other super hero, the superman comic ends kind of bad but it’s suppose to bring you in to by the next issue. Superman runs to the governor’s housebreaks down the door because the governor’s assistant wouldn’t listen and someone’s life was at stake, so he had to break down the door and demands that he the penitentiary. If it was batman the door would have been up still and the lady would have been executed. The governor assistant thinks Superman is crazy and demands him to back up or he will shoot him, superman cannot be hurt so he can take those risk at explaining himself with a gun in his face.
Batman is a man who has great fighting skills but his biggest tool since he has no powers is his mind. He deals with a murder case and is able to break it apart in no time but he’s able to fight you using your weaknesses against you and really giving you a beat down to remember him. Batman is a great hero but he’s just not better then superman.
In the comics “The Batman Begins” and “Superman”, I got to see the differences and similarities between not only the two comics but the times in which they were written. It the early 1930’s comic artist weren’t as clean as today with detail and colors. As far as the written part of comics today’s comic is very similar but different in some of the choices in words. A major difference in today’s comics is that they focus more on the main characters and give you as much action as possible because they are so expensive and not big in the numbers of pages. In both of these comics they show that the crime fighters are assisting the law enforce and still focusing on both as if they don’t want the people to just get caught in the super heroes life but show that the police is fighting these crimes as well.


  1. Yes I agree Superman is the best but that's why I don't like him. Every time I read a comic with him in it I roll my eyes and think here comes super boy scout. He shows up and does the right thing without the slightest hint of internal struggle. It's like someone gave him the rule book of life and he read it and said "OK." And that was it. May-be its just me but I'd seriously struggle with stuff like "May-be if I make this guy bleed a little he'll think twice before doing evil again." Batman on the other hand in this first comic accidentally killed someone and then shrugged and said in essence "He deserved it." I know I said he's better but what I'd really like to see is a super hero that dose struggle to do the right thing but does it any way. I guess I want to see either a more human Superman or at least a more remorseful Batman. As for working with the police and authorities Superman does but Batman not so much. Sure Bruce pals around with the commissioner but it’s a far cry from busting in on the mayor at home so he can reverse his decision. Honestly Superman could have busted the innocent women out of jail if he wanted, but he did it the legal way because he is such a boy scout. Batman would have busted the woman out of jail and would have figured it out before her execution. Wow I just called Superman a rule abiding muscle head.

  2. I agree with her!!! She definately hits it right on the money! Most people like to see struggle. They like to be able to identify to the character they are following.

  3. Wow! Down, Roxanne! Haha! I agree with what you're saying, and we're definitely going to get into that struggle later :-)

    Max, this is clearly a passionate post, but you didn't exactly summarize the comics or proofread :-/