23 February 2010

Superman vs. Batman

So this is old school superman. In a nut shell as I’ve said before it has it all. Alien adoption of a superhuman, bringing to justice a murderess, women betting, employees dating, gangsters getting slapped around, and ends with the beginnings of uncovering of a political plot. To summarize Batman’s first comic starts with Bruce Wane smoking with the Commissioner Gordon, then two murders in two pages and a secret will to a chemical company one page later along with batman entering and discovering all but not telling(classic), and ending in the partner Alfred Striker being found guilty and punched in to a vat of chemical acid. Yes it was an accident but no remorse is shown. The first superman comic is so busy trying to set superman up as a good guy they completely ignore the fact that they are telling a story. They do set up his character as a defender of women as long as they aren’t murderesses. All though I was confused about how superman dropped Louis off to walk home from the outskirts of a big city. May-be there was less street crimes back then? I don’t believe it but either it’s my preconceived notion that superman is such a boy scout he can do no wrong or this comic was that good at setting up superman’s character. Personally I lean toward the first explanation. Now let’s talk batman. They do a good job of telling the story and setting up the character, but it is still pretty obvious that the story is just used to show the audience who the character is. So Superman is super strong and not shy about it when in costume, he protects the weak, and punishes the bad guys that no one else can. Batman well he’s more mysterious, he doesn’t show up as batman until the third page and his true identity is not revealed until the end of the comic. Batman is smart, quiet, detective, strong in the ordinary way, and unremorsefully when it comes down to the death of a villain. So it’s boy scout vs. vigilante. Who do I pick? Vigilante duh. Superman is so good that he makes everyone else look like villains. Batman makes everyday people look good. So my motives are what makes me look good, is good.


  1. Come on, Roxanne! What did we say about mixing your summaries with your opinions! For shame!

  2. I agree, I was a little lost because I did not know which you were referring to. However, I thought the outline was great. I enjoyed your perspective of both super heroes. Keep up the good work.