08 February 2010

Understand the Art of Comics

In Understanding Comics “Putting it all together”, it talks a lot about other things that were mentioned in the chapters before this one. First talking about communication and that that’s what comics or any other form of art trying to get other people to see what they’re thinking. This can be done in many ways for example music, movies, comics, etc. it could be to tell a story, offer advice, etc. There is also a bit about trying to understand comics themselves so that they don’t judge it because it is a comic. A comic could always be something else; it can be considered high art. That is what McCloud is trying to say in this chapter, not only the chapter but the entire book. There is a part when he says that we must take another look at comics and to look at it as if for the first time, without any judgments. We can get a lot from comics if we have the desire to be heard, the will to learn and the ability to see. Ending this chapter by saying that he’s spent too much time already explaining what he has learned from studying comics and the meaning behind it. His wife in the back saying that we’re lucky to not have to hear this everyday but it shows his commitment to get the meaning of comics.

This entire book by Scott McCloud is very interesting he gives a lot of good points and the drawings only add more to that so I get more into the comic without getting bored. McCloud backs up a lot of his claims with evidence that he thinks will back up his point, but as we took a closer look in class McCloud contradicts himself so that his definition no longer holds the same credibility as it had in the beginning. There are also some parts where he contradicts himself because there is no point in adding it in this book. His part about categories that comics fall under is kind of useless to because whether is falls closer to reality, non-reality, and nowhere near reality doesn’t matter. There are all sorts of ways a person could create a comic with it becoming popular or at least the favorite of someone else. All in all I liked this text it gave a lot of good ideas, it made me think and I could see the “high art” part of a comic.


  1. Great post, Candace! And thanks for not choosing the tiny font ;-)

    I like that you're challenging what McCloud is writing--that shows critical reading on your part. Well done!

  2. i completely agree with you when you said that McCloud contradicts himself because really there is no point is adding it in with books. It works the way it is and should stay that way. Good blog oh by they way i dont know how you did it but i got bored reading the comic there for a few chapters.