23 February 2010

when its all said and done...

The main point of Chapter 9, the last chapter in Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud discusses or should i say reviews was the things discussed in the Chapters 1 through 8. It is a basic summary first going over communication, how we view comics, to the nitty gritty of the way we should understand a comic over all. The view people have on art and on comics should be one in the same according to McCloud, although he may have worded it differently. The things going on in a comic book are just as important as a painting on the wall and should be viewed with the same respect. The way a person views an image is amazing because even if the image isn't so clear, most of the time the human mind can easily conclude what the image is. Though some art in comics is not the greatest it should be, at times be viewed at high quality art, McCloud is trying get this thought into his readers heads. Yes, there is some great work out there but comic book art is far from being the worst and should be given more credit and respect. McCloud has a true interesting in getting his readers, and himself included, to really understand comics.
The drive and desire is there in McCloud's writing and he is truly showing is how to understand comics. I find it very interesting to see that someone has such strong feelings for comics and trying to persuade others to try and grasp his feelings. For one person to pun in so much effort it says a lot about how and why he is doing it. I would have never considered comic pictures as real art, but McCloud sure changed that for me. I can honestly say that he may have rambled on too long in some chapter but i was never at the point that i wasn't interested. He really made a lot of sense when he said, "The first step in any such effort is to clear our minds of all preconceived notions about comics. Only by starting from scratch can we discover the full range of possibilities comics offer". I think that was one thing that should have been said from the beginning. Had a read those lines at the start i probably would have gotten a better feel for the entire comic book.

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