18 March 2010

12 revolutions

McCloud appears emotional at the fact that American comics don’t have a lot of intrest to some people. McCloud wants “to see comics as comics reach their full potential”. McCloud explained how his interest of comics as a kid to an adult progressed. He first had an interest of the comic book artist and later the pioneers of comics. During the 80s, comics were popular, such as the Dark Knight, Watchman and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. During 1984-1994 comics were the mainstream. The decline of comics book retailers happened around 1994-1998 but comics became a huge part of “collectors-item speculation”. The decline of the comic book caused comic creators to stop making a living. McCloud describes nine types of common grounds that could be found in comics: comics as art, creators’ rights, industry innovation, public perception, institutional scrutiny, gender balance, minority representation and diversity of genre. Despite the decline during 1984=1994, comics had some type of a progress. Comics were becoming popular in newspaper and an underground movement of artist started. Comics could have a comeback in popularity if they appeared to “ human needs and desires”.

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