18 March 2010

Another Intro.

This reading was long but the pictures helped to. This was the introduction to Scott McCloud’s second book and this reading was titled Introduction: The Twelve Revolutions it was very interesting because in the beginning McCloud is telling us his whole fascination with comics and how he didn’t submit to only one genre of comics but he tried all of them out. He is proud that he has made it as far as making comics of his own but not only that, he also presents comics in his own unique way. Both of his books are basically comics but each with its own purpose. This one however was to explain the history and future of comics because of the many ups and downs of the comic industry he wonders how comic’s future will turn out. He states that these are the nine revolutions that comics had gone through Comics as Literature, Comics as Art, Creators’ Rights, Industry Innovation, Public Perception, Institutional Scrutiny, Gender Balance, Minority Representation, and Diversity of Genre. Each one just as important as the next and this will be explained throughout his book.

I liked the reading but it was a longer introduction than in the first one. Maybe because of the different reasons McCloud has for each book but it was interesting, made me think.

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  1. What did it make you think? I ask 'cause this is a little short. And you're not really summarizing McCloud's ideas. What is his purpose in this book? How is it different from Understanding Comics?