08 March 2010

Cancer (The Real Deal)

Cancer is a topic that has touched , and torn apart and brought a lot of families together in this case it has done both. Harvey Joyce husband goes to the hospital for a check up on his hernia and finds out he has a tumor So in finding out this the doctor doesn't even give them any comfort because he leaves so quick with out explaining any steps for them to take. which leaves them turn to a Friend of the family for comfort in dealing with cancer. Joyce chooses to call a hot line and seek help Harvey choose to make a will and in a way face the facts so he some what eases his pain that way. Me my self i would have cornered the Doctor and made him give me some more answers or at least punched him in the face lol then went to a second doctor for help and support.

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  1. That's it?! Where's your summary? Where's your response? Where's your proofreading ;-)