17 March 2010

Comics Needs 12 Revelations Not Revolutions

Scott McCloud addresses the state of comics in The Twelve Revolutions. McCloud discusses how comics were on the rise when starting in the industry. He states that his first ten years was an “exciting time” (9) in the comic book industry. The sales were and public image were increasing and McCloud thought it was only the scratch of the surface. But it was the exact opposite, it was the peak of comics and the quickly declined for comics. “Collectors-item speculation” (10) was a huge reason in the decline of comics and when fans got tired of that most left comics alone for good scarred by their experience with them. McCloud came up originally with nine revolutions that were (1) Comics as Literature, (2) Comics as Art, (3) Creators’ Rights, (4) Industry Innovation, (5) Public Perception, (6) Institutional Scrutiny, (7) Gender Balance, (8) Minority Representation, and (9) Diversity of Genre. McCloud tends to think that these revolutions will help the raise of comics from now on. The diversity of genre was another reason as comics had superheroes galore and other genres just weren’t mainstream or catching the public eye yet. McCloud also points out that comics couldn’t expand unless they were replacing a comic that was beginning to fade into space. McCloud makes suggestion though for comics to strive now-a-days and they were appeal to human needs and desires, having more diverse spectrum and styles, and catering to a much broader audience. The big one was the “meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences between creator and reader. (20)” McCloud also believes that only a fraction of comics’ potential has been reached! McCloud introduces three more but really doesn’t get in depth with them.
I feel McCloud twelve revolutions were very informative but a cry for help. McCloud fantasy would be for these nine or twelve revolutions (whichever ones you want to consider) to be achieved. McCloud is reaching all kinds of boundaries with comics and it seems like he’s the only who sees them. Not everything McCloud says is correct or true but his ideas are amazing. McCloud shows the passion he has for comics by steady producing books or comics but he needs help. McCloud needs more than twelve revolutions to help comics out.

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  1. But do you think it's possible for these to be achieved?