07 March 2010

Faces behind mask

“Under the Hood” from the comic book “Watchmen” was about one of the super heroes retelling the life he lived when he was a super. He starts off trying to write about a book or something and is having trouble about where to start. The young lady he is with, Denise, tells him to start with the saddest memory he has in order to grasp the readers’ attention and get the reader’s sympathy. He recounts the time when we was working with his dad at an auto repair shop when the boss man named Moe Vernon, is wearing fake plastics breasts and reads a letter that his wife is leaving him for his co-worker Fred Motz. Vernon’s wife empties their joint account and takes off with Fred to live a life she was wanted. However, Moe Vernon tells his workers while wearing the fake breasts and everyone just laughs at him. Although, everyone laughed at him an employee goes into his office to apologize. Vernon lets everyone leave early so he could lock himself inside a car with a tube running from the exhaust of the shop’s operational vehicles thru the cracked window in the vehicle he was in. He died inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. Hollis Mason understood that this was not his tragic memory, but was a tragic memory to a guy he and his father worked with. Mason soon discovers his ability to save innocent people from bad things that may take place while others are walking home, driving, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Mason then becomes the “Nite Owl” because he is a protector at night to those who may be in trouble for whatever reason they became victims. Then he describes the events that lead up to how he became part of a group called “Minutemen”. Captain Metropolis had written to Sally Jupiter’s agent in reference to forming a masked group who could use each other’s experience and resources. Sally Jupiter’s agent, soon to be her husband, was Laurence Schexnayder. He was worried that Sally was not getting enough press time and decided that she should just become a member of the “Minutemen”. The “Minutemen” consisted of The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. The team had their flaws and the media was pointing out where the Super heroes have failed because their costumes represented something different than being super heroes to civilians. Soon the public becomes aware that the Silhouette was a lesbian living with her girlfriend. Soon after many of the Super heroes of the “Minutemen” were being killed off one by one. The Hooded Justice turns up missing and they start comparing him to a circus performer name Rolf Muller, but they never came up with strong evidence. However, the body of Rolf Muller turned up and was decomposed horrifically. Finally, Dr. Manhattan is introduced to the world, in which they are afraid because they do not know who is or what he is. It took a couple of days, maybe weeks to finally accept his presence in the world and finally figured out that he was not going to do anything to harm anybody. Most of the super heroes showed up at the Red Cross Relief dinner, but Mason was not happy to see the Comedian there talking up a storm and his cigar smoke passing thru anybody who was in range. Finally a new guy introduced himself to the “Nite Owl” and was wondering if he could use his name. He took Mason on tour of what weapons he was planning to use and that made the “Nite Owl” happy to where he could not turn down a person who believed in what Mason did.

I thought the reading was very interesting because it didn’t start of like a regular story line that I am most familiar with. Mason talked about how he became a super hero and the people he fought along with. Although nothing really lasts forever, he did what he could at the time to make a name for himself as well as save lives. I thought people pretend or say that they are changing the world for the better, but when I read this I actually thought people could do such a thing. Nobody ever really takes that stance in standing by what they believe and see the good in worst outcomes. Although nobody has powers or mad fighting skills that I know of, we are just average people trying to make it a world where nothing is ever good enough. I thought the reading was a lot better than the other readings we have read because this one actually kept my attention. I’ve seen the movie like a thousand times and now having read something that contains the “Watchmen”, made me see the movie in a new perceptive.

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