09 March 2010


Hollis Mason writes this autobiography of his life as a superhero. He starts off with his conversation with this unpublished romance writer, asking her how he could go about writing a book. She tells Mason to start off with the saddest story he knows in order to win the reader’s sympathy this draws his audience in. The tragic end of Moe Vernon’s’ life is the saddest one Mason could think of. Vernon was his dad’s boss at an auto shop who was the jokester always trying to find some way to make people laugh. Until one day when wearing a pair of fake breast in order to get a laugh out if the guys who drop off the mail, he gets a letter from his wife, Beatrice. His wife had told Vernon that she had been having an affair with one of his most trusted workers for the past two years. When he burst out of his office to let his workers know what had happened, instead of sympathy he got laughed at. With all these tragic events Vernon let his workers go home early then he ended up committing suicide in his shop.

This was the saddest story Mason could think of and it’s very ironic because it’s not something that usually happens in comics. Even Mason’s life was very confusing because he starts off with the inspiration behind the wanting to become a superhero. This included his decision on a name, costume, and just how exactly how he prepared to become one by training and getting fit. As soon as Mason started to become a vigilante there soon to be others who also were like him dressing up and preventing crime. Him and the others decided to create a group called the minutemen. They stood together for a while which surprised Mason but as time moved on they started to fall apart because of acts of evil, or the secret of a superhero, marriage, kids and then the bang one happened in the 50s when America started to become afraid of communism. This led to the people who once applauded their courage and righteousness to turn against the remaining heroes harassing them trying to make them come out to prove they had nothing to hide. Mason (Night Owl) was one who didn’t want to reveal his true identity so he kept it secret only doing heroic acts occasionally. But almost as this scare was forgotten another problem came up, which was an actual superhero. Hollis Mason is just your average guy who decided to become a superhero and then comes along a guy who has actual powers and did everything he did but better. This led to Hollis Mason’s retirement as the night owl which helped make clear the path for a new set of superheroes. Ending with saying that superheroes are here to stay no matter which way good and evil, they are here to stay.

I like this reading because not only was it so believable it was really interesting. The author had created this character and he gave this hero a history which gives the readers the impression that this guy did exist. Also that he was like no other hero because in some of the old comics you hear that good always conquers evil but in this story good didn’t always overcome evil. It gave this story something different and new. But also that Hollis Mason was probaly one of the first heroes people could look up to in the story which made him almost like a role model.

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