10 March 2010

A Glance Into A Superhero's Life

In the story, The Watchmen, written by Alan Moore it is an autobiography about the superhero known as Nite Owl. The story starts off with the saddest story Hollis Mason has ever heard. Mason’s father worked for a man named Moe Vernon. Moe likes to joke around a lot and is wearing a pair of fake breasts one day as a joke. Moe’s wife sends him a letter stating that she was leaving him for one of his workers, Fred Motz. His wife, Beatrice, took out all of the money in their joint account so that way she and Fred could go on a vacation to Tijuana. Moe ends up killing himself that night. Moe’s brother took over the shop and ends up giving Moe’s job to Fred. In the end, the bad guy ends up beating the good guy. Whereas when it comes to superheroes, the good guy always comes out on top.

After being a policeman for a while Hollis Mason decides to become a superhero and is known as the Nite Owl. The costume includes a mask that conceals his identity and he wears leather gloves. Shortly after becoming a superhero, more people became superheroes and they form a group known as the Minutemen. Soon the group experiences problems and they end up breaking up. Nite Owl was the only member left in the group. The Comedian tried to sexually assault Sally Jupiter and he left the group. He still continued to be a superhero. Silhouette was accused of being a lesbian because she lived with another female. They decided she gave the Minutemen a bad image so they kicked her out. Dollar Bill was shot and killed when his cape got stuck in a door. Sally Thunder quit so that way she could get married and start a family. Finally, Nite Owl decided to retire because he was old, a real superhero showed up, and people who admired him offered to take his place.

This was a really interesting reading and this is like the only autobiography about a superhero. Superman wouldn’t be able to write an autobiography because that would destroy the illusion that he never ages. This story tells the life about a superhero that was a normal human before and how he does age and eventually has to give up the superhero life.

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  1. This is a little cut and dry :-( Also, you need to proofread :-P