03 March 2010

If Being Mythical Means Superpowers, Well Then Sign Me Up!

The Myth of Superman was a very difficult but yet informative reading. Mr. Eco touches on hero’s powers as well as the different progressions they tend to take on. Although the reading may not be clearly comprehensive to the reader (me for example) the reading was very well written. Eco had eye opening claims and connections in the reading The Myth of Superman stating that Hercules and Peter Pan were superheroes alike (not in those exact words though). When a person thinks of a superhero similar to Hercules, Peter Pan doesn’t come to mind and vice versa. Eco goes on to discussed the history of the hero we know as Superman. Eco topics on Superman ranges from his double identity to his indestructibility. For instances, Eco believes that when Superman is Clark Kent he worries, fears, and engages with the opposite sex (ex. Lois Lane). But when Clark Kent is Superman is he totally the man. Superman is indestructible, fearless, and super strong. Eco also uses these claims to help him setup a beautiful point that is readers already know what will happen in issues of Superman. Readers can guess that when an issue of Superman comes out that he going to defeat the adversary or conquer the obstacle that’s put in his way. The reader knows this because Superman is just that…SUPER! Nothing can stop him! Even knowing this the reader is still drawn to Superman because of the event build up it offers. According to Eco regular novels have a storyline that builds up the suspense, but Superman had events like action happening that build up its suspense.

I think Eco and Weinstein would agree with each other but yet disagree with each other. They would come to an agreement on the ideology of the topics they discussed but disagree on the backgrounds. Weinstein reading was about superheroes and how they relate to the Jewish heritage and tradition. While Eco reading was about superheroes (Superman majority of the time) but when he did relate it to a heritage or idea it was of the Greeks and their mythology. So I think they would agree on certain ideas but bump heads on where the ideas came from.

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  1. Interesting post, Velle. While I would have liked you to go into more depth in your summary, your points on Eco and Weinstein agreeing/disagreeing show a lot of understanding of both authors. Nicely done there.