03 March 2010


who new that comics were so inspirational especially talking about heroes from Greek mythology and then how they played a role in uplifting some peoples spirits or just give them courage to continue to move on with there life like the Jewish people with Hitler Superman was created around the time the Jewish people needed a Moses like savior. Even though these comic book characters were all created by Jewish men it’s a strong enough case so they tried to show us some of the values of the Jewish heritage which I think is really cool because as different as we all think we are we all related to these superheroes in the same since. Which brings me to this idea since we as humans and as individuals if we can agree with one another maybe comics can be used for bringing to countries or nationalities together through there beliefs on religions.

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  1. This is really all over the place, and need to be proofread very closely. In the future, try to not wait until 19 minutes before class starts to finish your homework ;-)