04 March 2010

Its a Bird Its a Plane No its a Myth?

In the reading The Myth of Superman by Umberto Eco he discusses the relations of super heroes to mythical god and creatures. He speaks mostly on Superman and his life as a hero. Superman encounters many obstacles no human could ever do and sometimes it seems as if he can never do it. Eco discusses that Superman is put through many obstacles but in some episodes they are never finished. He believes this is done because if superman were to finish then that would mean that time is passing and he is aging. Superman to Eco is a character not like a myth because Superman cannot consume himself since a myth is “inconsumable”. The hero of a classical myth can become inconsumable because he was already consumed in a some exemplary action”. Superman’s stories never would have an ending and always kept the reader guessing what was going to happen next to Superman or the villain. Eco wants his reader to understand what has happened to the hero world and gives us insight on what will happen.
The reading was an interesting one to me I believe that superman should never be considered a mythical figure because those tend to die. And who wants their favorite super hero to die or get old. He doesn’t get married for that fact which makes sense. If he were to get married and settle down and have kids he would have to pass on his legacy and a different hero would be there. Eco makes a very good point that the “discussion does not take on the features of the Authors’ preference as much as their adaption to a concept of `order` which pervades the cultural model in which the author live and where they construct on a small scale “analogous” models which mirror the large one”. Which is saying that in order to please the reader they must follow the order that has been set in which the author lives.

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  1. Wait, why isn't Superman a myth?

    I'm a little unclear about some other thoughts in your post, too, so really make sure you explain things fully.