18 March 2010

McCloud: Take Two

In Scott McCloud’s Introduction: the Twelve Revolutions, the piece starts of talking about comics and how they were not very popular. McCloud was more interested in the adventurous comics at first. Then, he moved on to more challenging comic from abroad. Soon comic book stores opened up and business was great. Everybody thought it was going to get better but soon found out that the success of comic books peaked. Comic book sales declined drastically. Comic book stores went out of business and artists could no longer make a living off of their comic books. The artists were looking towards the future and wanted to reinvent comics. Several dilemmas came up during the process. Some issues that came up had to deal with comics being seen in the same light as sculptures and paintings. Artists wanted to create comics for both genders and for people of all ages. Newspaper strips exposed comics in a small way to society. Soon, comics targeted politics and that turned into a negative thing for comics. McCloud explains that comics only have one or two dominant styles at one time. This is the downfall of comics because they need to expand and have several different styles that will appeal to any type of audience.

Even though comics don’t seem to find solid ground to build on, comic book artists don’t seem to give up hope. The biggest hopeful is Scott McCloud. It seems that he will never give up on comics becoming a success and marking their own place in history. McCloud is very optimistic and is always looking forward to the future and what comics can become. Unlike most people who tend to just give up on an idea whenever it fails.

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