02 March 2010

The myth of Superman: Better than Simcha!!!!!!!!!!

The Myth of Superman by Umberto Eco was very informative, and a very complex read. Eco's thesis in this book is to show his readers that even Superman or Super humans have sides to them that is hard to see for a normal eye and the importance of morality, and ethics for a Superhero. Eco writes, "the hero's virtue is humanized, and his powers, rather than being supernatural, are the extreme realization of natural endowments, such as astuteness, swiftness, fighting ability or even logical faculties" (107). He goes on writing about humans in the present world, who have been defeated by machines. Eco compares these cubicle slaves to Clark Kent who is fearful, timid, and hopes one day gets a chance with their female co-workers or loved ones. Similarly, these readers like Superman, hopes to come out of their cubicle and be a Superman themselves.

On comparing Simcha Weinstein and Umberto Eco, the first difference I can find is their background. Weinstein was more focused on convincing his readers that these Superheroes have a Jewish background. As for Eco, he backed up his thesis with some

greek mythology.

The Myth of Superman was published in 1979, which was about thirty years after the birth of Superman.And, Weinstein published Up,Up, and Oh Vey! in 2006, about almost eighty years after the birth of Superman. Umberto Eco would argue Weintein's point of view on comic heroes. Eco coming from a medivial background focusing more on Greek mythology, as we can clearly see, would not believe in any of Weinstein's ideology. Eco emphasized more on several moral values, and ethical values irrespective of their religion.


  1. Hmm...I think you're still getting too hung up on Weinstein's book here. First off, you're not really summarizing more than Eco's introduction. Secondly, while you bring up some interesting points, I'm not sure I understand them. How does Eco back-up his thesis with Greek mythology? And I'm not sure how Eco's anaylsis of superheroes' moral/ethical values makes him so different from Weinstein :-/

    Also, you may want to proofread more closely and, um, check your math ;-)

  2. We didn't have to summarize the paper as far as I know. The reason I jut included the introduction was because I didn't get most of the stuffs, Eco talks about in the latter part. And about the thesis, he talks about Hercules, and Padilla.
    And regarding proof reading, I usually do it but last night I totally forgot to post it. I had typed it but needed to go over it. But did not have time.
    Sorry about that.