02 March 2010

The Original Superheroes

Superheroes are all viewed as the good guys that save the world or even their city. Superman can from a different plant and had supernatural powers that enabled him to perform heroic acts with little effort. Superman has super strength and can jump over buildings several stories high. In the first superman comic, there is a woman on death row and she is actually innocent. Superman knows this and demands that she is let free. Well, the governor thinks he is evil and shoots him. The bullet doesn’t faze superman one bit. The innocent woman is let go and justice gets served.

Batman is an average guy besides the fact that he is rich and really smart. Nobody knows that batman is actually a normally civilian who goes by the name of Bruce. People are getting murdered and batman wants to get to the bottom of the murders. Batman discovers who the murderer is and after fighting for a while batman prevails and the murderer ends up dying.

In the end both Batman and Superman can be defined as superheroes. There isn’t really a set definition because if we say that a superhero has superpowers that would be a broad term. What is the definition of a superpower? Batman doesn’t have powers that we would define as superpowers. His powers basically include his intelligence and the fact that he is really rich. On the other hand Superman is super strong and can jump over buildings. There is no real answer to what defines a superhero. Superman and Batman are two different types of superheroes when it comes to morals. Superman lets justice do its job when dealing with the bad guys. Superman seems to have morals and isn’t able to kill someone. On the other hand, Batman kills a guy and it doesn’t seem to bother him. Ironically, Batman is actually human and most people would believe that he would have morals and wouldn’t be able to kill somebody. Superman is from a different planet and ends up on Earth. Someone would think he wouldn’t care if he killed the bad guy or not.


  1. While I'm disappointed that this is late, I'm happy to see that you incorporated our definition of superheroes in your post. Nice :-)

  2. Actually, it's not late, because I didn't ask your class to blog on this :-) You get an A for effort ;-)