08 March 2010

the original superheros

Under the Hood, is a piece from the watchmen comic book series its basically the story of Hollis Mason, who is also the night owl. Mason wants to write a story but he cant figure out how to start it so he goes to the towns local grocery store and asks the best writer he knows which is an old lady whose’ written hundreds of books but has credit to none. She tells him to start out with the saddest thing that’s ever happened to grab the reader’s attention. So Mason remembers back to when he was a teenager and tells a sad story on how his dads boss kills himself because his wife left him. When mason was young he spent a lot of time with his grandfather. Thus his grandfather pounded morals in his head. So Mason decided to become a police officer. After Mason graduated from the academy he read his first superman comic. Then a short while after that he read an article on these masked people that were superheroes but they were not called super heroes at the time. But after he read these two items Mason decided that he wanted to be like that. This is where we get the beginning of night owl. Night owl he get because he is the protector of the night. All of this is him talking about how he become a super hero in his comics as it is not real. After becoming night owl Mason joins the group of other masked heros called minutemen this group consisted of Silhouette, silk spectre, comedian, hooded justice, captain metropolis, nite owl, mothman, and dollar bill. But this group wouldn’t last long as their was many internal problems, like silhouette being a lesbian and comedian being I psycho pathiec rapest. There was also the fact of them getting murdered one by one hooded justness had the worst as his body was in very bad shape when they found him. Doller bill was killed as well. So there was really no hope for the group. Mason next talks about the 60s the superman era. This is when dr. Manhattan comes around and finally gives the term super hero. Dr. manhattan signifys the end of their group. He shows them that they are no longer wanted at the charity group. So this is how we get the term super hero.

This reading was better than the past readings for me personally. I kind of like the whole idea of the group. For one their a little more realistic. They have problems just like normal groups there not like superman who is perfect. The beginning was fun to read cute little story. I wish dr. manhattan didn’t totally disbanded the group but as thing were going it would’ve happened anyway.


  1. Maxx, you really need to proofread, bud. Not to be mean, but there are parts of this where I simply don't understand what you're trying to get across. Take your time. What happened to that awesome writing you turned in with your first essay?!

  2. your summarry is a little short. Look at mine its so loooooooong..HAHA. Anyways you jumped in many parts to and also PROOFREAD...