08 March 2010

Our Cancer Year.... WTF!!!!

Joyce’s brother but not close brother is unemployed. He shows up to Joyce’s and her husband Harvey’s house. Since Harvey has an appointment the next day to find out if he has a hernia, he offers Todd a lifting job when he gets out of surgery. Well Harvey finds out he doesn’t have a hernia, instead he has a tumor or cancer!!! Dr. Cantor breaks the bad news to Joyce and Harvey then just pretty much shuts them out and doesn’t explain himself good enough to them. Dr. Cantor just treats Harvey pretty shitty. He could have at least explain himself to them and what was happening and what needed to be done, but he just went on without doing that. So Joyce and Harvey have to continue their lives with a lot of unanswered questions.

The end really sucked it left me pretty much the same way the Dr left Joyce and Harvey. With a lot of questions like did Harvey live? If so are him and Joyce happy in their new house? Did Todd find a job? I mean Todd even being in the comic was unnecessary. The comic was weird, it left me with to much closure. I needed more from it to understand it better but since I didn’t get more I found the comic to be stupid and I didn’t like it at all!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hmm...Looks like you also read the wrong text, Anthony. Well, if I assign a blog on this reading when we get to it, I guess you'll be ahead of the game! Sadly, though, that means your behind for the moment :-/

  2. Did you try rereading this after I explained the context for the chapter the other day? Hopefully, that helped you appreciate it more.