17 March 2010

the reason for comics destruction

The text starts off by explaining that McCloud has been doing comics for over 15 years and has been able to make a living doing what he loves which is making comics. One of McClouds main focuses is to get comics to reach their full potential. McCloud then shifts the topic to how comics got their rise and fall. In the eighties comics has a huge boom there were more comic book stores with way more categories to choose from. Sales were up as well as public image. Then from 94 to 98 there wasn’t as much public interest and a lot of stores had to shut down. He says that to much of comics were considered collectors items and people lost interest in reading them. McCloud gave us 9 steps of how we can make comics work. 1, comics as literature, 2, comics as art, 3, creators rights, 4, industry innovation, 5, public perception, 6, institutional scrutiny, 7, gender balance, 8, minority representation, 9, diversity of genre. McCloud then explains that if comics are going to grow they must adapt to reach there full potential he explains that they must adapt to digital production, digital delivery, and digital comics. If this happens and people can changer there mind comics will become a real art.

I think that this text is very informative on the rise and fall of comics after reading I conclude that comics will never be great for reasons stated in the text we now live in a digital world and I don’t see comics adapting. They will always be batman superman and spiderman.


  1. I agree with your opinion maxx. I think that comics have reached such a slump that it might be too late to recover from. Especially with today's technology and how much society enjoys comics just being about super heroes.

  2. Nice summary. But I think that you could write a little more, however I agree with your take on how comics have reached its pike. I think this is really good. Nice job. =)

  3. Good summary and I agree that comics have reach a slump and is stuck in the superhero genre but I really don't think that the digital age spells doom for comics at all. In this semester alone I've read more comics online that weren't assigned. If anything digital comics could give comics more exposure especially for people who don't get many comics at their local stores. Don't believe me go to marvel.com and look for free digital comics.