07 March 2010

The Story Underneath the Mask!

“Under the Hood” from the comic book Watchmen was about the story of a former super hero Hollis Mason aka Nite Owl. Mason begins tell us about this lady named Denise that writes great novels and howhe went to her when he decided that he wanted to write something but he doesnt know where to start. She tells him to start with the saddest thing he could remember to catch the hearts of the readers. He thinks about the time he was working with his dad at an auto repair shop when the boss man named Moe Vernon, Moe was reading a letter that his wife is leaving him for his co-worker Fred Motz. Vernon’s wife empty'd their joint account and takes off with Fred to live a life she was wanted. Moe Vernon tells his workers while wearing fake breasts and everyone just laughs at him. Vernon lets everyone leave early, he locks himself inside a car with a tube running from the exhaust of the shop’s operational vehicles thru the cracked window in the vehicle he was in; he dies inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. Mason knows this isnt a tragic story of something that happened to him but it was still a story of someone that worked close with him and his father. Mason finds out he has an ability to save innocent people from bad things that may take place while others are walking home, driving, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Mason then becomes the “Nite Owl” , in the since that he would be out at night to watch over those innocent victims. Mason goes on to talk about how he became apart of the group called "The Minutemen". The “Minutemen” members are The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. Super heroes of the “Minutemen” were being killed off one by one. The Hooded Justice turns up missing and they start comparing him to a circus performer name Rolf Muller. Later, the body of Rolf Muller turned up dead and was decomposed. The world is introduced to Dr. Manhattan, the world is scared and cant really except what or who he is, so it takes a while before they finally realize hes not going to hurt them. They have a Red Cross Relief dinner, a new guy introduced himself to the “Nite Owl” and was wondering if he could use his name. He took Mason on tour of the weapons and he talked about what he was planning to use and that made the “Nite Owl” happy, and he could not turn him down.

I liked this reading and they really catch you through out because it didnt have a lot of pictures and was more like a short story. I liked the other super heroes they talked about also, they didnt put all of them into the movie, most of them though. It takes a lot to try to change the world and to take that pressure apond yourself is crazy but they believed in it so much it became there lives. This helped me get a better understanding of the movie and patched up a lot of wholes. Overall I liked this reading a lot!


  1. I agree, this reading did help a little with understanding Watchmen since the movie sucked. I like how the Nite Owl compares to Batman (Who is better than Superman) because anyone can make a difference. And that is not a trashe reason that Batman is better than Superman hahaha

  2. I agree, Toni, the movie was very boring. But it's interesting you point out the similarities between Nite Owl and Batman. If you look carefully though, you see that three different characters play different parts of Batman: Nite Owl is the gadget/scary costume guy, Rorschach is the merciless detective, and Ozymandias is the super genius/rich boy. One of the ideas of the comic was to pit the Batman "character" against the Superman "character" of Dr. Manhattan. Pretty cool eh?

    Anyway, watch the grammar and list summarizing, Max. And I'm glad you enjoyed the reading :-)

  3. I agree with Toni about the movie begin boring I walked out of the movies because of that, but this reading help because you can always understand things better when you take the time to sit down and read it. I really didnt catch the Batman similarity til after I read some of the comments and went back to check.