18 March 2010

Super Duper BORING!

In The Twelve Revolutions by Mr. Scott McCloud he discuses how loyal he is to comics and how much he absolutely enjoys creating them. He tells us how all he wants “is to see comics as comics reach their full potential and to reach my own along the way”. he then goes into detail how he was inspired by the more adventurous comics, the ones with more weirder more innovative styles. Next he narrates how comics and the overall spectators and sales of comics reached their peak during the first ten years of his study on the profound and widely criticized medium. Comics reached their peak of popularity in the mid 1990’s he explains. The hope for comics seemed to have been misplaced as the industry of comics shrank. “Too much of comics growth had been built on a bubble of collectors item speculation, utterly out of touch with the works content or even the simple principles of supply and demand”. So what comic book creators had to do was evolve comics into something further than the stereotypical perceptions that people had on the subject. Things like more genres could start being explored, different audiences could start being targeted, comic book creators could be of any gender and race. Those were key elements in attempting to make comics more appealing and popular to everyone in a sense. Now comes the shortage of talent and the need for reading comics as a favorable pastime. New talent diminished and readers did as well, comics soon meat a convenient surface for readers, ‘the news paper’. Now comics seemed to have been getting new breath and hitting a point of revolution as well. A breakout of comics began when artists started experimenting. “With compelling new visions of comics”, he says how the movement of comics begins to proliferate with one new organic style but at the same time other styles begin to wane. “That leaves comics with only one or two dominant styles at a time”. He then states his perception of the future of comics and what needs to be done to expand their growth. Comics are a minority form. The real challenge for comics is not to move forward but to grow outward. He ends this reading by ruling that he will cover the revolutions of the art form that compromise the entire genre.

In my opinion the reading wasn’t so difficult to read, I gained knowledge on McCloud’s topic of comics and how the revolution of the genre is still in progress. He stated the down falls in the comic book world and what creators must do to gain popularity and growth for the medium. I really didn’t enjoy the reading at all but it was informative and educational.

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  1. Your "response" is really just a second summary? Can you give some reasons for your feelings on the text?

    And proofread.