02 March 2010

Superheroes History: Lies In Up, Up, Oy Vey!...No F**king Way

I would like to start this blog off with an apology. I did not finish the reading of Up, Up, And Oy Vey! Because I could not take any more of what Mr. Weinstein was claiming. Reading this particular essay really worked my nerves. Once again, I apologize.

Now that I got that out the way I would like to summarize Up, Up, And Oy Vey! Well at least up until the part I stop reading. Weinstein started off the reading with educational tactics. The reader was informed that if someone’s name ends with “man” then you can assume that they are Jewish. Weinstein also went on to state that Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are similar to the likings of Moses, David, and Joshua of the Bible. All the creators of the comic Superheroes were Jewish or had Jewish ties according to Weinstein. Later on Weinstein points out that all of the comic superheroes had a Jewish tradition about them that ranges from integrity to anger. Weinstein also asserts that the Jewish heritage had made a major contribution to the entertainment business and now it’s time that they heritage gets recognized for the contributions it made for comics. Even stating Spider-Man is so similar to Jewish people because he tries to do right but is viewed with “suspicion” by authority.

That last statement was the boiling point for me when reading Weinstein. Although Mr. Weinstein makes strong statements I feel a lot of traditions that he was claiming were just Jewish are just basic morals. For example when he claimed that Superman personifies integrity or Batman and justice. I feel I have a strong value in justice and I have the upmost integrity so does that make me Jewish, because I too believe and uphold these values? Weinstein makes it seem throughout the essay that a Jew does no wrong or that all Jews uphold these standards that he does. If so then they wouldn’t have been a Jew that interacted with the KKK, right? Weinstein gets caught up in his childhood teaching and believes that everything good is Jew related and its not. My parents taught me right from wrong and once I too seek the goodness instead of the evil. My whole family believes that good will always triumph evil but we did not learn that from a Jew or from their heritage. I wish I could really get into this but I will run out of my mandated word limit. Weinstein really needs to see other religions or heritages and he’ll see that have the same values. And they didn’t just read the history of Jews to obtain them!

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  1. Oh Velle, there are so many things wrong with this post :-/ To start with, your title is not only slightly inappropriate, it's also very misleading--for one, you don't point out any lies in your post, and for another, everything in Weinstein's book is either fact or opinion (which leaves little room for lies).

    Next, admitting that you did not finish reading the work you're about to passionately disagree with so damages your credibility that I wouldn't want to finish reading it if I wasn't going to grade you on it.

    Lastly, and most importantly, you either read the text too close-minded or not closely enough (or both). You're absolutely right, several religions and cultures value similar things as Jewish Americans. But these superheroes' creators were Jewish Americans! Doesn't it make sense then, that they were using their own beliefs as inspiration, as opposed to another religion's? Plus, had you read the entire text, you would have discovered that Weinstein admits these beliefs to be cross-cultural in his conclusion. So whether the creators were Jewish or not, every one can glean value from these stories.

    I really don't see why you're getting so worked up, but hopefully we can discuss this in class. I will say, however, that despite your obvious dislike of the reading, you summary is not only well-written but very unbiased. That's a hard thing to do, and I'm very impressed by it. Keep that up, and maybe just try to keep more of an open mind in the future.