09 March 2010

Superman Can't Possibly be a Myth

The Myth of Superman written by, Umberto Eco goes into detail about the history of all superheroes. Eco also goes into great detail about Superman and his past. He explained how Superman isn’t from Earth and how he is from the planet Krypton. The superhuman powers Superman realizes he has from super strength to flying at the speed of light. Eco goes into explaining that the creators of Superman don’t ever allow a specific date or time to be clarified in any of the comics. If this happened then Superman would be aging and he should be viewed as an old man. Instead, the readers feel that no time is passing and Superman doesn’t age at all and he can always look the same. For example, if Superman did get married then the audience would view it as time passing and Superman would be aging in our minds. When Superman is using his super powers, normal humans can’t really relate to him because in our minds, Superman can do anything. On the other hand when Superman is Clark Kent, we can relate to him because he is a normal guy. In fact, he is seen as a nerd and can’t really do anything extraordinary. It is hard for Clark Kent to get a date which normal humans face in reality. By only talking about Superman, Eco is able to avoid defining what a superhero is and this is smart on his part. Superheroes haven’t been defined and there really is no correct definition for a superhero.

It tends to become clearer what the reading is about when we go over it in class because our teacher goes more in depth and does a complete analysis of the reading. When I read the assignment I usually just read it in order to get the assignment over with. I didn’t know that there was more to this reading until we went over it in class. After class, I realized that the reading was actually really interesting and the author had to put a lot of thought into his work.

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  1. You should also spend some more time with the reading before coming to class. I know that it's a radical idea but you should really consider reading twice and taking notes :-) Just a thought.

    More importantly, if you understand it better, know that we've discussed it in class, then why didn't you write a more cohesive summary? It's all over the place :-/