04 March 2010


The myth of Superman by V. Berto Eco
The beginning, superman’s powers are described. He can fly at the speed of light, he has this pressure where he can change coal into diamonds in his hand, and he has x-ray vision. Eco mention that superman “personifies fairly typically with the average reader”. Weinstein would probably disagree and argue that superman personifies more with the Jewish heritage. According to eco, there is a difference between superman and heroic figures in religion. He explains that in religion, heroes gradually develop their powers. He uses Hercules in his example, a hero through hard labor and public recognition. Superman doesn’t have to work hard for his powers because he was born with them. Another way that religious heroes are different from superheroes is that religious heroes have stories that are predictable because it is known that they will do something good. As for superheroes, their stories are unpredictable and these cause readers to have more of an interest in them. Weinstein and Eco would have to agree that the characteristic of superman follow the heroic deeds from the bible such as the rich giving to the poor. Superman gives money to the poor and he donates to charity.
The first paragraph was boring to me. I noticed that in the reading it discussed Superman’s identity. It made me think about the class discussion about his identity. In some of Eco’s mythological examples were too long. One of his topics I didn’t understand what Mxyzptlk, the gnome have to do with superman’s weakness if they both have the sane powers.

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  1. What's going on here? First you're summarizing Eco (somewhat incorrectly), then you're bringing Weinstein into the mix. Finally, you list summarize the rest of Eco's article. You also need to proofread more closely for clarity :-/