04 March 2010

Superman's Astuteness!

A hero is advanced with exclusive powers of those that the average person has been at nonstop fascination with. Frequently a hero’s talent or feature is humanized. A hero’s powers are the utmost accomplishment of having an ability to assess situations or circumstances to their advantage. Whether it’s swiftness, action fighting, wisdom or having a pure frame of mind it is a talent. In an industrial society a hero must be an expression of their quality to an unbelievable extent that an average human seeks but does not possess. Umberto Eco writes as his establishment in The Myth of Superman.

Eco provides his readers with Superman’s story, from having unlimited strength to having superhearing, how his life is devoted to fighting the forces of evil and about Superman having double identity. He writes that the story of Superman is unlike the tales of the traditional superhero because the development and progression is different. The advancement in which the reader’s attention is progressed over to the unforeseen, the intrigue creation, which now hold our awareness and attention; “the event has not happened before the story; it happens while the story is being told” (109). Superman’s plot is always known but the occurrence of how and why is unknown. As readers we are aware that a villains will try to be an obstruction but Superman never disappoints he always overcomes anything and everything. Even knowing how Superman’s narrative ends readers are still allured because they are in uncertainty of what will happen.

Weinstein has the thought that superheroes share similar values and morals and Eco’s notion is perhaps superheroes resemble imaginary characters; but they both talk about backgrounds and culture. Even though Weinstein writes about Jewish traditions and Eco writes about Greeks, I think they would agree with one another to a point.

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  1. To what point would they agree?

    Your summary, as always, is very well written; it's just incomplete :-/