16 March 2010

Twelve Revolutions..One too Many

"The Twelve Revolutions" written by Scott McCloud basically talks about current situation and the future of comic industry,and ways to make comics industry a sustainable one. McCloud starts off by writing how he as a comic writer is able to make a modest living for almost his whole career,but he questions himself, "How much longer writers like him would be able to make their living through comics?" McCloud adds that he will be able to continue to make his living as a writer with just having faith in comics. He clarifies by claiming to be,a person who doesn't use comics as a stepping stone to Hollywood,a person who doesn't collect comics for money.McCloud writes that American Comics industry began to reinvent itself with images of more adventurous and popular comic characters or icons.McCloud writes about the decline in the comic industry in the 90s, and many writers weren't able to make their living.However, the comics professionals had some common theme for the comic industry, they are, comics as literature,comics as art form like painting or sculpture,comics creators be financially stable, change in the public perception, gender balance, minority representation, and diversity of genre.McCloud elaborates that the decline in comic industry in the 90s, caused some progress in the above mentioned areas. McCloud goes writing about the ups and downs comic industry made in that particular era. McCloud then writes about the initiation of comic strips in newspapers, how writers were innovative and creative to explore that side of comics. McCloud suggests some some ideas which facilitates comics to be have a brighter future. By writing comics to a much broader audience creating spectrum of styles and subject manner which means offering a far more vivid and memorable to the reader than what the current comics offer, and establishing direct, meaningful exchange of ideas between the reader and the creator. McCloud visions a time where a comic book store has a reason to sell comic books instead of the memorabilia, form a of entertainment to the common people which isn't expensive. McCloud then goes on writing about the parts in the book and what it includes regarding the revolutions. McCloud suggests the writers of the 21st century to grow outside of comics.
Just reading the introduction from his book "The Twelve Revolutions", I can make out that he is trying to reinstall the faith of writers in comics. Many writers who had been making their living through comics for a long time weren't able to continue to do so, just because the comic industry was not doing good at all. So these writers had to change their professions. McCloud through this book is in a way fighting for comics. But personally, I think McCloud gets his message across but not all of it. May be in latter part of the book he elaborates more.

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  1. Good post, Kabir! But what do you mean by your title? Which revolution doesn't make sense?