01 March 2010

Up, Up and O boy?

The reading Up, Up and Oh Vey by Simcha Weinstein was a long reading, but was very interesting. The reading was about how super heroes were created in a time in which we needed them the most. During the time the world was suffering, super heroes were created to help America see strength. Weinstein talks about the Jewish community and their creation of very successful comics. He also drew up a diagram of what each super hero’s purpose in the Jewish language because the super’s mean different things as well as representing idols for those who are suffering. Weinstein believes the world needs hero’s in a time of great dilemma because when American’s look at a super hero, they are have a sense of belief in the world they are involved. Most comic’s of super heroes were created by Jews who wrote about their struggles because the super heroes started coming out during the phase of the Holocaust. He explains how Jews created the best super hero’s when they were the target for horrible events because of who they were, eye color, skin color, and height. However, they did not understand the values that were able to come from horrible events with the hero’s that were created.

I thought the reading was very interesting and different from all the other readings that was required from the class. I enjoyed reading it cause it gave a new perspective of how comics were created. The super heroes that I loved while growing up have different meanings in the Jewish language and now I know who created my favorite super heroes. The Holocaust was a very horrifying event that took place in history and is still a sensitive subject to many people in present day, America. I feel that comics have a story rather than the ones that they are lead to believe or presented. The stories within a story are what should be shown followed by the pain and suffering each creator endured. Although, they can’t show that kind of pain and suffering, the creators show America that super hero’s can lift spirits when there is none. I feel the reading has opened a different of the super hero’s that I do look up to and how they were created.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the text, Rayna, but why did you only summarize the introduction?