03 March 2010

Up, Up, and TOO LONG!!

Weinstein… Weinstein… Weinstein!!! After reading Weinstein’s, Up, Up and Oy Vey, let me start by saying he got my attention by talking about heroes from Greek mythology to those of my child hood, such as superman at the beginning. Then later on he gets all crazy on me, tries to find any type of relationship or similarities between biblical men and those that we call super heroes because he says if the word “man” appears at the end of a character’s name because they were created after strong biblical men. In the bible that’s where it was first mentioned of men of courage and supernatural powers, and how Superman was created around the time the Jewish people needed a Moses like savior and it was a way to bring spirits up after Hitler and the Holocaust. Superman was suppose to be the representation of Moses, and Batman was suppose to be the that of Joshua, but the one I found very interesting was Stan Lee’s Spiderman. Spiderman brought Jewish pride because of Jewish ethics; Lee said his character resembles David from the bible. David had an interest in spiders but he didn’t understand their reason for creating webs. Even though these comic book characters were all created by Jewish men it’s a strong enough case so they tried to show us some of the values of the Jewish heritage, Superman represents integrity, The Hulk represents anger, and the Fantastic four represents the family values.
I found it interesting at times but very wordy and I think that he could have left a lot of things out so I wouldn’t feel like I just read three different essays. The Jewish culture did take part in the comic book boom of the 1930’s but do I think these characters were made of Jewish beliefs and culture not really. Captain America comes close because he defeats Hitler and fight for Jewish rights, and I believe that characters represent certain values because we need that in the world, Captain America was a cartoon/mini comic series but he stood for world peace and fixing the problems with pollutions and poverty. So we need Superman to represent for integrity and Hulk can represent anger so the world can be drawn in by the action of comics and still learn and understand things of life.

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  1. I still don't understand why so many of you have such a hard time accepting that these superheroes might embody the beliefs of their Jewish creators. Why is that so hard to believe?!

    Furthermore, I don't think you're reading closely enough. That whole quote about both Jews' and superheroes' names ending in "man" was a joke.

    Lastly, remember to keep your own opinions separate from your summary!