03 March 2010

Up, Up and Underrated!!

The reading Up, Up and Oh Vey by Simcha Weinstein was just another long and confusing reading, but the parts that I did understand were pretty interesting. Weinstein talks about how super hero’s were created by the Jewish pretty much. After the Holocaust, Superman was created which was a perfect time because the people needed that protector or savoir. He resembles Moses and when Batman was created he resembled Joshua. Also the other superhero created by the Jewish was Spiderman and he is suppose to resemble David from the bible. Weinstein believes that all these superhero’s tie together with the Jews and the bible and how each superhero was created at a certain or great moment for the people, to help out the people and give them someone to look up to. Especially after how Hitler and the Holocaust impacted not only Jews but the whole world. Weinstein also believes that Superman represents integrity, the Hulk represents anger, and Fantastic Four represents family values. Weinstein argues that superhero’s become more famous when something big happens that changes the world such as World War 1 or 9/11. Superhero’s are like the peoples role models its who they look up to for security.

I enjoyed reading this because it was interesting and I never thought of superhero’s this way. I never realized that they were so important because now that I think about it I do look up to them because there’s not many people in the world that help other people. I mean there are but only because they have to do it there are very few that do it because they have a good heart. Superhero’s are underrated if you think about it, they never get talked about unless it is for class or something in that area.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to appreciate the reading, Anthony :-)

    Your summary's a little cut and dry, and you need to proofread more closely, but this isn't a bad post.