08 March 2010

Watchmen "Under The Hood"

In the comic book Watchmen there was a story called “Under the Hood” about a former superhero named Hollis Mason best known as Nite Owl. Hollis Mason explains to us that he wants to write a novel about when he was a superhero and he goes to a woman named Denise to ask for help. Denise tells Mason that if he thinks and writes about the saddest thing that happened to him that it would catch a lot of readers eyes. Hollis begins to tell about when he worked at an auto repair shop with his father where his boss Moe Vernon read a letter wearing fake breasts from his wife saying that she is breaking up with him to be with his co-worker named Fred. Vernon explains that his wife emptied the account and took off with Fred, and while telling this to his co-workers he had the fake breasts on still so they all just laughed at him. Even though one worker came and apologized, Moe still felt bad and locked himself in a car where he inhaled carbon monoxide gases and then later died. After this experience Mason decided to protect people from harm like when they are walking or driving somewhere. Mason also explained that he did this only at night and this is why he got the name the Nite Owl. Mason then joined The Minutemen which consist of The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. Soon the Minutemen started to fall off because they where being killed one by one. The Hooded Justice turns up missing and they compare him to a circus worker named Rolf Muller, later they find the body of Rolf Muller and the body was badley decomposed. Dr. Manhatten is brought into the story and the world becomes scared of Dr. Manhatten, but soon the people in the world soon accepted him because he wasn’t there to harm people.
This reading is one of the better ones I have read this semester. I like the way the story started off by telling us about Hollis before he becomes night owl, and how his boss killed himself over his ex-wife. The reading seemed like the Minutemen where weak and the only saving we read about was when Nite Owl protected people over the night. Hopefully there would be another reading about this later on in the semester.

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  1. Your summary's a little lopsided, Greg (you spend the same amount of time summarizing the first chapter as you do the other 4).

    I said this in class, but you should elaborate on your reasons--why do you like that the story began that way? Why do you like this reading in the first place (especially considering you walked out of the movie!)?