12 April 2010

The Adventures of Maus

The adventures of Maus start off as a short narrative. A boy named Artie is skating with some buddies and his skates break. His friends leave him behind and Artie goes crying to his dad. Arite’s dad doesn’t give him any sympathy and complains because Arite isn’t holding the board right.

Years later at 7:30 in the morning Artie receives a call from his mother. She is complaining saying that his dad is trying to fix everything and he is too old. Artie’s dad was on the roof and got really dizzy and the mom was barely able to get him down. Artie doesn’t want to go drain the pipe and tells his dad to call a repairman. Finally, Artie decides to go visit his dad and his dad seems to be in a bad mood and Artie can’t figure out why. Artie asks Mala and she says something about his dad seeing a comic strip that Artie made when he was younger. In the comic, a boy named Arthur has a mental illness. One day Arthur’s dad comes home and finds his wife in the tub with her wrists cut and she consumed a lot of pills. Everybody blames Arthur for his mother’s death and he becomes consumed with guilt. Back in real life, Artie’s father explains that the comic took him back to the past. Artie’s mother did in fact commit suicide when he was younger. While walking to the bank, Artie’s dad starts talking about the past and how horrible Jews were treated. Artie’s father finds a place to hide in family in order to protect them from the horrible things that are happening. At the bank Artie’s father gives him a key so that way Artie has access to the money in case anything bad happens again.

This is a sad story and is a completely different genre type when it comes to comics. Unfortunately, this comic does have to deal with real life. Jews did face some hardships everyday and had to fight for their survival. This comic allows the readers to see exactly how Jews were treated and how even today people are affected by these tragic past events.

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