06 April 2010

Cancer... changes everyone!!

It starts off with a man named Harvey and his wife Joyce are at home a old friend stops by and tells them he in town just to do some work and continue on traveling. Havery ask him to stay because they are moving and hes going into surgery in the morning, so they're going to need help to finish moving things. In the middle of Joyce drinking her coffee the doctors comes out with bad news, they found a large tumor so they scooped it out and closed him back up. Harvey has Lymphoma! Harvey and his wife have to wait 10 days to get results from his cat scan and he at home stressing the whole time. So while Harvey goes to see his lawyer just in case if he dies his wife would get everything, his wife calls her friend for some advice and Joyce's friend tells her about her grandmother was old and little and she beat her cancer. Joyces friend passes the number for cancer advice and the man on the phone tells her to let her husband do whatever he feels he needs to do because everyone copes differently. He also explain questions she needed answered and tells her he will send something for them to read.The guy also recommends they get a second opinion if they need more answers. Harvey comes in for hi check up so the docter tells him that he has great news and the cancer had not spread pass the one lymph node, so he goes home still on sick leave. Harvey and his wife get into it bad while they were moving and Joyce goes to the car to so Harvey can cool off. The landlords come over to inspect the home and she goes off on them because she told them today wasnt a good day for Harvey and her. Later on Joyce is at the house unpacking and she starts talking to this female carpenter and they knew someone in common , Joyce says something about trying to get her husband to smoke to calm down since he already has cancer, so the lady tells her about the lumps in her breast and they end up hugging in the end as if they were going to start messing around!!I can understand that situation being hard on the both of them and really effecting the way they lived after all thatbut the doctor added stress by not answering questions or having a nurse come and explain things right. Also what the wife did at the end was crazy because she told the lady that she ould relate more to her then to what her husband was going through. They started hugging... I really want to know whats going to happen on the episode...lol

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  1. Haha! I knew someone would comment on that ending! But know, nothing happens there.

    What's with this giant paragraph though?