05 April 2010

Death Sentence

Cancer is a scaring thing, just the thought sends chills up many peoples spines. So imagine you or someone in your family being diagnosed with cancer. Joyce's brother comes for a visit and Harvey offers him a job moving , but he's goes in for an operation tomorrow and might not be able to lift. The day of the operation Harvey was up two hours before there where suppose to head to the hospital. On the way to the hospital ask her brother to drive because she was tired and Harvey was to nervous. "...What if we get there too late and they have to reschedule us.?, Harvey said with worry." As they drove to the hospital Harvey voiced his worry, so Joyce joked around with him. They arrived forty-five minutes early and he changed and gave his wedding ring to his wife. Not long after Joyce saw Harvey's doctor, and immediately thought something was wrong. Quickly the doctor told her he had bad news, we found a very large tumor in Harvey, but we were able to get it out. He told her he had Lymphoma , a type of cancer then rushed off. As they talked to different nurses they kept telling them to wait until the cat scan to see how mad it was , or if it had spread. Harvey couldnt believe he had cancer he looked healthy, felt healthy, he was in disbelief. When it came moving day Harvey wanted to act like his normal self, so him and Joyce began arguing.
They both did thing that normal people would do if they found this out. He went to see a lawyer to make sure if worse can to worse his wife would be taken care of. His wife Joyce talked to her friends and asked for advice . she even called a cancer hotline to ask questions that she had about cancer. She was able to get alot of her questions answered. when Harvey and Joyce started arguing it was understandable because she was just trying to take care of her husband.

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