13 April 2010

I Survived The Reading Of This Tale

Maus was by Art Spiegelman and it was about his father telling him about the lives of Jews during the Holocaust. The characters in the story were portrayed as mouse instead of humans. Spiegelman built up the telling about the Holocaust and Jews by starting the telling of with Artie and his usual life. Artie’s father just loves fixing things and he had called Artie to help him fix the drain pipe. Artie refused and later on Artie went to see his father who was kind of in a bad mood. Artie found out his fathered had found his comic about the death of his wife and Artie’s mother. Artie thought his father was upset by the comic but he wasn’t he was glad Artie got it off his chest and just tormented by the memories of her. Vladek went on to tell Artie about how during the Holocaust Jews had to wear yellow stars and id numbers just so they can be recognized as Jews. Vladek also explained how they were worked all day everyday and how he tried to run away and hide in people attic. But they did get caught and returned back the previous place.
Maus for me was boring and irritating. Reading these made me rethink of all the horrible things I heard and read about the Holocaust. It was sad for Jewish people back then and I if I were Jew I wouldn’t want to hear about the Holocaust anymore its over and done with. The language was also very weird at times as they would twist their words up different then I would say that also made it kind of hard to follow along for me.

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  1. I can appreciate your critiques, Velle, but they're weakened by your lack of proofreading ;-)