13 April 2010

iron giant blogg

Iron Giant is a heartwarming movie. A boy named Hogarth meets an iron giant robot from space. Hogarth becomes friends with the giant. Hogarth also protects the giant from being exposed by the government. During the time of the movie, the people had a fear of bombing in the United States. Hogarth gets help protecting the robot from a junkyard man named Dean. Dean lives at a junkyard filled with metal scraps that he uses for art. Dean, Hogarth, and the robot have fun together. There was a scene where they all went to the lake and the robot made a huge cannon ball in the lake. The robot tries to act as human as possible. He tries to talk and on an emotional level, he manages to understand violence and death. His understanding of death and violence is important in the movie. Later in the movie the U.S. government finds the robot. They do not understand that the robot is not a threat to people until they try to destroy him with weapons. Weapons trigger the robot to become another type of robot that causes him to be violent. The U.S. government finally realizes that the robot is not a threat, but the antagonist, Kent Mansly and sets on destroying the robot anyway. At his own ignorant mistake, he orders for the area that he is in to be bombed. The robot offers to stop the bomb which causes him to destroy himself and becoming a hero.
I thought it was cool when Hogarth was going to read comics to the robot. He showed comics that I was familiar with such as Action Comics. It looked like the real comic and it was not “cheesy” looking. Hogarth, throughout the movie, constantly said “you are what you choose to be.” It stuck to me and I felt like it had a moral meaning to it. I hope we are able to discuss that quote in class.

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