08 April 2010

The Iron Giant: Movie

Hogarth Hughes, the main character rescues this giant metal man who in the movie has no name from being electrocuted at a power plant. Befriending this metal giant he teaches him to talk and right from wrong. But when the giant first fell to earth from the sky and encounters a fisherman caught in a terrible storm, the fisherman contacts the government explaining his encounter. So they (the government) sent this man, Kent Mansley, out to find out what had happened. Mansley discovers a lot of strange events happening in this small town Rockwell, like giant “bites” out of people metal necessities. Mansley takes practically everything out of proportion exaggerating things to the point he gets an army to this small town to destroy this giant metal man. But this giant metal man becomes fascinated with the comic hero, Superhero. Idolizing him and wanting to be like him, this shows that the metal man has a good side to him although some may perceive him as a giant gun, but he is a giant gun with a soul, because he saves the entire town, Rockwell, and its inhabitants from a bomb that could destroy the entire town.

Watching this movie, The Iron Giant, reminded me a lot of my childhood days. Well never mind last time I watched that movie was last year. It’s an awesome movie with a good story and it makes me laugh. When talking about it in class Mr. Villarreal mentioned some of things that this movie could somehow represent. When it was set in the 1950’s was because it was a time when comics became to be really judged. There were many people who believed that comics ruined the minds of children so they decided to get rid of comics and people who were found reading them were ridiculed. He also started mentioning things about how some of the characters represented other people. I found that interesting because it’s not just a movie but it’s something more.

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  1. Proofread! But I'm glad you paid attention after the movie ended ;-)