12 April 2010

The Iron Giant

In the movie, The Iron Giant, a huge giant crashes on Earth and nobody knows where it came from. Very few people have actually seen the giant with their own eyes.

One day in a café, a young boy named Hogarth overhears fishermen talking about the iron giant. Hogarth instantly becomes fascinated with this mysterious thing. Later that night, Hogarth is watching scary movies and eating junk food. Well, the televison suddenly goes out and Hogarts goes on top of the roof to figure out what is wrong. The entire antenna is missing and all that is left is a trail of large footprints. Curious, Hogarth follows the footprints to the power plant. There he finds the iron giant stuck in the power lines. Hogarth turns off the power and little does he know, the iron giant saw Hogarth turn the power off.

The next day, Hogarth returns to the forrest with his camera to look for th iron giant. He finds the giant and the giant reveals the power switch and that he saw Hogarth turn the power off. Hogarth decides to ask a man named Drew if he can hide the iron giant in the junkyard. Drew agrees and the junkyard becomes the giants new home. Back home, Hogarth’s mom rented the extra room to a man named, Mr.Mansley, he works for the government and is investigating the iron giant. Mr. Mansley keeps bugging Hogarth about the gian. Hogarth finally admits that the iron giant is in the junkyard after Mr.Mansley threatens Hogarth’s mom. The army shows up and the giant turns out to be a huge piece of art that Dean created.

Everything turns sour one day when Hogarth is playing with the iron giant and he points a fake gun at the giant. This causes the iron giant to react in self defense and he shoots at Hogarth. Dean sees this and yells at the giant who runs away. The iron giant goes to a town and the army sees him and thinks that the giant is attacking the town. In the end, Mr.Mansley orders the missle to be launched which will kill everybody in the town. The iron giant has been fighting whether to use his powers for good and evil. In the end, he chooses to use them for good. He flies up and crashes into the missle. Sacrificing himself in order to save the town.

Normally, while watching movies especially cartoon we don’t think about the historical meaning behind the movie. The first time I watched this movie, I was young so I didn’t know anything about history at the time. Even watching The Iron Giant this time I didn’t think that it had any historical meaning until Mr. Villarreal went into further explanation. Now I know that the movie connects to the events that were going on with comics in the 1950s.

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