06 April 2010

Its Only Your Cancer Year!

Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner “Our Cancer Year” was about a man named Harvey who was diagnosed with cancer so to say. Harvey was going to the doctor to have an operation on himself one which he believed was for a hernia. While being treated for his previous illness the doctor suspected something else wrong with Harvey. The doctors had found a very large tumor inside of Harvey buy luckily they scooped it out and stitched him back up. The doctor stated that the tumor was called lymphoma. The doctor ordered Harvey to take a CAT scan. While waiting for his CAT scan results Harvey proceeded to go back continue to move boxes back to his former house. Harvey was more worried about his “baby” Joyce future than himself having cancer. He pondered questions of how will he take care of Joyce if he really does having cancer. While moving Harvey got irritated because people didn’t want him doing things that he normally does just because he may have cancer. Also the carpenter Stephanie might have cancer because her family has a history of it and she found a lump.
I think “Our Cancer Year” was a pretty ok comic. I liked the originality of it even though the art was atrocious. The genre of drama was pretty cool and it really did interest me. It was also short, a method I found missing from previous comics I have read from this semester. One thing I would point out about the comic was that the storyline was everywhere. I mean at the beginning of the comic a character named Tod was featured and he really never appeared throughout the comic again. Also I didn’t see the meaning for the visitors who wanted to check out the house, I feel that was unnecessary. All in all it was ok (at best) but I wouldn’t mind reading the rest of it.

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