12 April 2010

a kind of gaint every kid should have ya boiiiiiii

The movie the Iron Giant is about a giant that fell out of the sky from outer space in to the ocean. An old man witnesses the giant falling into the ocean and goes and spread the word to the town. The town thinks he is a crazy old man all except this young boy named Hogarth Hughes. Hogarth Hughes in excitement goes to the forest to look for the masteries jolly green giant haha. He takes his little rifle to hut for the giant. Hogarth encounters the giant going to eat the power plant. The giant try’s to eat it and gets shocked and Hogarth saves him, but Hogarth doesn’t notice that the giant noticed that he saved him. The next day Hogarth takes a sheet of metal so he can bait it in, but wheal he is wait like a typical kid falls asleep and the giant takes it. He wakes up and the giant is there waiting, Hogarth is scared at first but then he notices that the giant is friendly. He starts to play it it and like the feeling of having his own robot. Hogarth is smart though he knows not to go show the town because he knows they will freak out so he hides the robot in his barn. Through the next couple of days a man U.S. Government agent named Kent Mansley comes to town looking for the so called giant. Kent well investigating finds that things are getting destroyed so he knows that something is up. Well Kent is at the power plant he finds Hogarth’s gun and starts to ask him about what he seen. Hogarth knows not to tell Kent anything because he knows that he will try to kill the giant. Hogarth has fun with his giant until he brings out is toy gun. The giant defense devices kick in and he goes into attack mode. The giant in filling bad that he almost hurt Hogarth runs away from him and gets close to the city. The giant see to boys falling from a building and saves him. The town finally sees him and they see that he saved the boys, but Kent that had just been humiliated saying to the arm that there was a giant sees him in the city and says that he is acting it well the military is leaving the city. The military turns around and starts to attack the giant and once again the giant’s defense mechanism kicks in and starts to attack back. Kent after Hogarth stops the giant from attacking sends in an Atomic bomb to kill it, but for gets that it will kill the whole town. The giant to show that he is like superman sacrifices himself to protect the city.

I like the movie a lot I wish I could have my own robot so I can have the fun like Hogarth had. I liked how the movie portrayed that what makes a superhero is not from his past mistakes but what he chooses to do in the end. It’s not what he was meant to be it’s what he chooses to be.

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  1. I think you hit on the most important message of the film, Jay. Nice :-)